Clinical Metabolomics
Rigshospitalet, Clinical Metabolomics Core Facility

Clinical Metabolomics Core

The Clinical Metabolomics Core Facility (CMCF) is an analytical facility specialized in mass-spectrometry techniques. Its main role is to support investigators from Rigshospitalet, Bispebjerg Hospital and Health Faculty of the University of Copenhagen whose studies involve the use of stable isotope-labeled compounds as tracers. Areas of supported research include the study of protein, glucose and fat metabolism.

A range of different mass-spectrometers is available to cover the different types of measurements required in these studies. The facility supports investigators who are doing human research to gain an understanding of metabolic mechanisms in health and diseased states, which will hopefully lead to earlier detection and better treatments of a variety of diseases.

The Clinical Metabolomics Core Facility is evolved from a mass-spectrometry laboratory established in 1996 as part of the former Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre (CMRC) at Rigshospitalet. Its major area was basic metabolic research of the whole system and skeletal muscle. Since then, research areas and a number of groups have been very much expanded towards investigations studying human in vivo metabolism of other organs such as brain, adipose tissue, liver (splanchnic) and not the least system metabolism in a number of different diseases.


The core facility mainly serves investigators from Rigshospitalet, Bispebjerg Hospital and Health Faculty of the University of Copenhagen, but can accommodate requests from scientific collaborators, other investigators and industry. The core facility can:

  • Provide advice and expertise in the application of stable isotope-labeled tracer techniques.
  • Offer measurement of studies investigating metabolic kinetics, determination of metabolite enrichment, qualitative and quantitative occurrence and functional metabolic profiling.
  • Develop stable isotope methodologies and make them available to clinical investigators in various disciplines.

Facility staff is able to assist investigators with study design and use of tracers (if required). Investigators interested in using the core facility should contact Gerrit van Hall, core manager.